Tarcoola, Australia
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Worlds Best Surf Conditions Now

1) Tarcoola, Australia - 5-6ft light offshore

2) La Saladita, Mexico - 3-4ft light offshore

3) The Ranch, Mexico - 3-4ft light offshore

4) Calang Reefs, Indonesia - 4-5ft light offshore

5) Babah Nipah, Indonesia - 3-4ft light offshore

Welcome to ba~re~ru

ba~re~ru is the result of some surfers feeling that there is a bit too much information coming at us when all we want to know is - where is it good?

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World-wide Simple Surf Forecasting

Please don't be fooled by Bareru's foxy looks - under the hood, you'll find one of the world's most advanced surf prediction engines. We've just made it so that you can get the basic go/no-go information you need at a glance: where it's good, how big it is and how good it is (out of 10). If you want more detail, then it's there for you too.

Bareru makes us want to surf and explore more - we hope it does the same for you too.

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