Tuesday at Al Ashkharah

16 Sec. Period
not that good

Al Ashkharah Surf Forecast for Tuesday 19th June

Midday on Tuesday 19thJune, 2-3ft and strong cross-shore with a long 16.4s southerly primary swell. High tide at 12:21am and 1:32pm and low tide at 6:41 am and 8:04pm. Tuesday's surf conditions at Al Ashkharah are: not that good.

Al Ashkharah - 7 day surf forecast

Surfing Al Ashkharah:

Al Ashkharah is a inconsistent right-hand reef break (reef bottom) that works at all points of the tide. This spot in Al Ashkharah (Ash Sharqiyah Region) gets its best conditions with a westerly breeze and a south-easterly to south-westerly swell. Al Ashkharah only starts working with a swell of around 1ft and can hold shape with swell of up to around 4ft.

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